Data Collection

By browsing the Internet, e-outbox will research your targeted audience for your email marketing strategy and compile, qualify and build your email database.

This is for Business-to-Business strategy only.

We will be searching for potential leads via the Internet and through Linkedin outreach by screening professional associations and chambers of commerce:

  • Search for companies who fit your customer profile
  • Establish geo targets
  • Collect relevant information, including email addresses
  • Send qualification emails to these contacts
  • Build email database from opt-in or reversed opt-in emails
  • Create CMS email marketing account*
  • Upload your newly de-duped and qualified email database.
  • Define a detailed email marketing strategy**
  • Create your CMS or custom email and/or e-newsletter master
  • Deploy your email campaigns
  • Provide activity reports and analysis

*We use Constant Contact but can use any similar existing account.
**Contracted on a quarterly basis (One quarter minimum).

While this is a fairly time-consuming process (1 month minimum), it is also a very cost-effective option to build your own email database.

Aside from offering your business the opportunity to be effectively promoted, this option presents many advantages:

  • Highly cost-effective
  • You own the qualified email records
  • We do not mark-up Constant Contact’s fees
  • You own the Constant Contact account
  • We match your website branding
  • Campaign deployments creates traffic on your website
  • Return traffic increases your web ranking and visibility

We guarantee spam-free email blasts, as well as adjusting any content, message and/or incentive to maintain interest and motivation to your targeted audience.

This is an extremely effective strategy to increase visibility to your website and create lead generation, especially if you starting up with a new website. We will also verify that your website is properly set-up to manage incoming leads.