e-outbox offers website, SEO & social analysis, as well as proposals on all projects at no charge. If you wish to receive an estimate for a project, please CLICK HERE to send us an inquiry.

We will respond as promptly as possible with a detailed outline of services and fees. We provide all estimates as an all-inclusive flat-fee for self-contained projects.

Projects that are on a recurring schedule can be priced per occurrence or as a retainer, depending of the nature of the project and our clients’ needs and budget.

When submitting an inquiry for an estimate, please be as detailed as possible, and make sure to include any absolute requirements such as deadline, budget and/or technical requirements.


e-outbox accepts payments by credit/debit card via our Pay Pal business account (or pay using your Pay Pal account) or via Zelle or Venmo. We also accepts business checks by mail. 

Payments are structured as follow:

  • 30% deposit at contract signing
  • 30% 2nd payment 30 days afterwards
  • 30% last payment 60 days afterwards
  • Social media packages, SEO packages & Maintenance packages are billed monthly or quarterly retainer, by the 1st of the upcoming month
  • Independent projects require a 50% deposit with a final 50% at project completion
  • Hourly rate is $65.00/hr for all projects

e-outbox will refund within 72 hrs of cancellation notice the entire amount of collected payment if project is cancelled within 72 hours of contract sign-off date.

If cancellation of project is submitted after 72 hrs of contract sign-off date, remaining of unused amount will be refund after 5 business days but any amount already applied to the project prior to late cancellation notice will not be refunded.

Monthly or quarterly retainer cancellations are required 30 days in advance, otherwise, remaining value of retainer will be charged.

Reason for cancellation has to be provided in all cases.

  • Payments are required to be paid on dates set-up in contract
  • If project is held back by client, due to unprovided material, payments are still due on dates set-up in contract
  • Late payments benefit from a 5 business days grace period, after which a 5% of outstanding dues will be applied per late business day until outstanding balance is paid in full
  • Failure to settle any outstanding due will result in assets being held by e-outbox until outstanding balance is paid in full, including late accrued fees as described above
  • Assets will be released to client within 5 business days to client once outstanding balance is paid in full, including late accrued fees
  • Guidelines do not apply in the event of “force majeure” reasons for non payment such as unexpected hospitalization, health hazard and/or physical accident

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