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Branding equity is all about your business’ image and therefore, its perception.

The key to a successful branding strategy is how accurately your product and/or services targets its intended audience, how it portrays your business image and how it maintains its recognition and integrity throughout its intended markets.

A fine balance between consistency and adaptability across all applications defines a successful branding equity.

When a corporate identity owns multiple sub-brands, each sub-brand needs to maintain strong symbolic ties to the parent brand, while establishing its own identity.

e-outbox will help you identify, organize and define your branding image, that your business is structured as a single versus a multi-brand identity, if it is a business to business versus a retail endeavor or if your targeted audience is local versus national.


  • We educate ourselves about who you are, what is your mission, what do you sell or provide and to whom
  • We will also study closely your business’ history and heritage
  • We’ll analyze your competitors’ branding strategy in reference to proven successes and errors
  • If sub-brands are involved, a “pyramidal” structure will be developed to assess each sub-brand’s position in relation to each other and to the parent brand


  • Defining a clear and unequivocal branding identity for your business
  • Establishing your product/services brand organizational chart
  • Providing positioning and creative guidelines
  • Helping you avoid duplication and internal competition between sub-brands
  • Developing a starting point for corporate ID design and applicable marketing strategies