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The Digital Creative Solution
For Independent Businesses
& Non-Profit Organizations


A creative environment can sometime present challenges in balancing the various interests at play, from strategy and revenues, to representation and efficiency. Managing your creative environment successfully and efficiently requires genuine synergy between these entities:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Content
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Branding & Mission
  • Execution

e-outbox recommends prioritizing teamwork, communication, planning and motivation. While some of these aspects may occasionally conflict with one another, it is clear that an harmonious relationship between these multiple priorities will insure efficiency, positive atmosphere and commercial success.

e-outbox will help you understand and structure your creative environment to be both productive, cost-effective and successful in reaching its goals, while promoting reciprocity of respect, teamwork and positive attitude.


  • Identifying your creative environment in regard to responsibility, relationship and accountability
  • Defining all positions’ specific descriptions and responsibilities for both individuals and departments
  • Establishing clear communication lines between each involved individuals and departments
  • Recognizing internal conflicts and duplication
  • Developing on-site training programs as required


  • Developing a clear organization in regard to ¬†responsibility, relationship and accountability
  • Eliminating conflicts, duplication and waste
  • Engaging staff with positive reinforcement based on team spirit, self-motivation and ownership
  • Providing growth and development for staff positions by setting realistic goals and expectations
  • Enhancing atmosphere by promoting participation, conciliation and common benefits
  • Demonstrating the inherent benefits of teamwork, transparency and positive attitude